On this page we publish the language of "The Beautiful Formula". 
This language allows to create new compositions and to notate already existing paintings

We are constantly working on the improvement of "The Beautiful Formula Language".
Please, feel free to send us your suggestion, comment or any kind of question.

The Beautiful Formula Collective

M = meter
The meter is a fixed point with a surrounding area.
The meter is used to accomplish an equal partition of the surface.
meter is numbered from left to right and top to bottom.

Examples: 1/41/91/161/25

Meters with the additional letter b include the surface border and the four corners.

Examples: 1/4b1/9b1/16b1/25b

A = area
The area surrounds the meter and is defined by the rows and columns between meters.
The area and its meter have the same numbering.


U = unit
The unit defines the basic size of any kind of mark on the surface.
1 is the smallest size of a mark, 2 is twice as big, 3 is three times bigger and so forth...

R = rhythmical motive
The rhythmical motive is a fixed sequence of units during one single entry.

E = element
The element is a unique character of a unit.
Elements are numbered by a, b, c ...

P = procedure
The procedure defines the painting process.

# = entry
The entry defines how often each element can participate.

Signs and symbols:

M meter
A area
U unit 
R rhythmical motive
E element
P procedure
# entry

* hits the meter
 number of entries flexible 
number of entries
|| order fixed
[] within the same area 
> n occupy n 
{ n out of n possible 
+ has to touch
≠ not
V vertical
H horizontal 
F flexibel


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