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Language On this page we publish the language of "The Beautiful Formula".  This language allows  to create new  compositions and to  notate already existing paintings .  We are constantly working on the improvement of "The Beautiful Formula Language". Please, feel free to send us your suggestion, comment or any kind of question. The Beautiful Formula Collective M   =   meter The  meter  is a fixed point with a surrounding  area . The  meter  is used to accomplish an equal partition of the surface. A  meter  is numbered from left to right and top to bottom. Examples:  1/4 ,  1/9 ,  1/16 ,  1/25 Meters  with the additional letter  b  include the surface border and the four corners. Examples:  1/4b ,  1/9b ,  1/16b ,  1/25b A  =  area The  area  surrounds the meter and is defined by the rows and columns between  meters . The  area  and its  meter  have the same numbering. Exampl

The Beautiful Formula Sessions, Tehran Nov/Dec 2012

In winter of 2012 I was in Tehran and met the Iranian artist Negar Farajiani. I told her about 'The Beautiful Formula Collective'. She was very interested and immediately asked two local artists to join.  In several sessions I explained the basic rules of 'The Beautiful Formula Language' and together we painted some of the compositions. Participating artists were Negar Farajiani, Azarakhsh Askari and Alireza Adambakan. Just recently, Negar Farajiani told me, that they are going to expand the group and have regular sessions. We are looking forward to post the results on this blog. Kuros Nekouian, February 1st. 2013 Some examples of the work created during these first sessions: ' 1,1,1,2,3 ', Ink on paper, 40x30 cm, 2012 Alireza Adambakan,  Azarakhsh Askari,  Negar Farajiani, Kuros Nekouian ' Gnade ', Multi media on paper, 30x45 cm, 2012 Alireza Adambakan,  Azarakhsh Askari,  Negar Farajiani, Kuros Nekoui