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6.12.2012 Modern Art Research Institute Kiyv

Modern Art Research Institute Kyiv 6.12. 19:00 PERFORMANCE THE BEAUTIFUL FORMULA COLLECTIVE Daniel Geiger, Oleksiy Koval, Stefan Schessl, Veronika Wenger, Pascal Worsch 11.12. 19:00 WORKSHOP

Sublunare Welt

"Sublunare Welt" 2012 Image 1 Daniel Geiger, Oleksiy Koval, Kuros Nekouian, Stefan Schessl, Veronika Wenger, Pascal Worsch. Mixed Media on FPY, 93 x 90 cm, 2012, Leipzig. Photo © Ronny Waleska Image 2 Oleksiy Koval marker on cotton, 67 x 60 cm, 2012. Photo © Klaus Mauz M  1/4, 1/9 R      *1,2,1,3,1,5 *5,–,–,–,–,1 E  |a,b,c,d,e,f| P     [a*1,b2,c1,d3,e1,f5] a*5,–,–,–,–,1 [b*1,c2,d1,e3,f1,a5] b*5,–,–,–,–,1 [c*1,d2,e1,f3,a1,b5] c*5,–,–,–,–,1 [d*1,e2,f1,a3,b1,c5] d*5,–,–,–,–,1 [e*1,f2,a1,b3,c1,d5] e*5,–,–,–,–,1 [f*1,a2,b1,c3,d1,e5] f*5,–,–,–,–,1 M meter R rhythmical motive E element P procedure * hits the meter || order fixed [] within the same area  more...